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Episode 63 · 2 weeks ago

63: Cold calling live #9 (with Morgan Ingram, VP of GTM Talent and Development at Sales Impact Academy)


Welcome to our 9th episode of Revenue Champion’s Cold calling live, a cold calling series where top sales leaders go through live cold calls and give actionable insight and advice to how to overcome obstacles when cold calling. This week, Morgan Ingram, VP of GTM Talent and Development @Sales Impact Academy takes over as volunteers dial in to cold call live to Morgan and get actionable feedback on how to improve. Morgan also goes through Sales Representative’s burning cold calling questions so they can book more meetings.

I'm really excited for this. David unfortune could not be here due to personal matters, so I'm holding it all down today. So hopefully I'll enjoy, enjoy hanging with me, because it's gonna be me all day here and we're gonna bring up people, we're gonna go throughout mock cold call and the scenarios that we typically go through. So again, let us know where you're tuning in, from where you're at, and we're gonna dive into this, getting really excited, uh, to to really dive into how you all can get better at cold calling, and we're gonna dive right into this because some people are already volunteering to do this right. So, if you want to volunteer, please raise your hand, come on stage. We Have Erman going first. However, raise your hand. I will make sure to get to you the time we have here today. Uh, we're gonna do this coal calling scenario and and give you some tips. So, first and foremost, Oh man, am I saying your name right? I want to make sure I'm saying your name right before we go into this. Um, my name is Adam Adam. I am from Istanbul, Turkey. Right now, I'm living in Istanbul. So I work at Prov inside sales managers. So I am I want to learn some information about cold calling and its advantages. So that's why I am here today and I am going, I am connected to this video conference. Okay, so a couple of questions. So what we do here is we do a mark cold call and then we're gonna give you some feedback. So could you tell me, like what your target personas are, just so that I'm understanding, because I'm gonna do a role play with you, so I want to make sure that I understanding. Yeah, we are. Actually, I am targeting the companies that can use our technology. VIARE A technology company solving selling softwares and Um some solutions, technology solutions. So the person's that I will be in contact with will be c t O, C I o, C I s O, Um vp of I t department and says and Marketing Department leaders and technical department leaders, I t department leaders. So those kinds of people will be my main targets. Okay, awesome. So we have essentially technical buyers, C T O, C I o, vp of I t and the doctor're doing there and then when you're no, that makes sense you're doing that. So I guess how we're gonna go about this is you're just gonna go with your typical cold calling script. I'M gonna be a VP of I t. your goal is to loot the schedule a call with me and then, you know, depending on how the scenario ends, I'll give you feedback. The chat will also give some feedback as well, and then we'll move on to the next thing, the next person. So, whenever ready, you could do your ring ring and then we'll get into it. Okay, I'm ready. I haven't done cold calling yet, but let's try. Alright, alright, so, Hello Morgan. Hello Morgan, I saw that you're working one of the best technology companies in Civiitzerland, and I thought that maybe you're interested in our technology solutions and technology softwares in order to bring your company forward in this modern, um, competition, competition world. So I would like to discuss some issues about our solutions, technology solutions and technology softwares with your company and with you, if you like. Yeah, I'm, I'm. I need a little bit more clearly here. How are you gonna help me move forward? How? Um, I um. Maybe I would like to ask your current current software, crm and e RP solutions. So maybe you are using an old version of the R P N C rm Solutions. So we have a very good model solutions about your camp, for your company. We have a cloud based technologies as well. So, depending on your current current softwares and crm and e RP systems, I would like to introduce you my software systems and solutions based on this. Yeah, I mean this. We currently use, currently using hubspot as our crm. Look, I have a meeting that I'm actually running into. Sounds a little interesting. If you want to see me an email, I'm more than happy to check that out. Okay, then I'll be writing. I'll be writing a short email to you about our company and our products and... So if you have time this week, I would like to call you back in two days. Let's say today's Wednesday. So I would like to call you on Friday afternoon if you have time. I'm pretty slam the rest of this week. Like if you you know, if you want to call me some time in the morning next week, I can't. I won't guarantee because the's a lot of things going on, but if you can see me, that email. More than happy to review it and then see if there's a potential fit here. Okay, that would be great. Then I'll be sending an email to you right now after this call, and then we can discuss further about the solutions and how we can go further. Okay, sounds good. Okay, thank you very much for your time and understanding. Have a nice day you too. Alright, alright, everybody, so you can give your suggestions to the comments I'll give you around a plausic. It's not easy to do a goal call in front of everybody, so around applause people as well can can as well. Just give the give the comments here and if anyone has anything that they want to add as feedback, Fil for doing the comments. We're gonna have people coming through. Your initial thing that you came up here for is feedback on cold calling. Now there's a couple of things that I want to touch on and and go into. I will definitely say one key element here that you did well is that you remained persistent. So a lot of people, right, don't don't do that right, let's just put it that way. So they'll just stop when I say send me an email or hey, like I'm busy, right, they'll stop it. In the call you kept going. So I wanna give you props for that right on that persistent piece. But there's a couple of things that I would definitely point to. So in terms of your in terms of your intro, so one thing you talked about is helping me move forward and problems that you've seen. One of the best things that you could do with cold calling is address what that problem is. Right now, you're not gonna know exactly what the person's problem is, but you probably have a range of problems that you can potentially solve. So what I would recommend in your in your piece here, is talking about what is the value here? Right, what is the value solution? Why is a VP OF I t should I care? That piece wasn't revealed in the conversation. It was more so just like I can help you, but it's like how can you help me? What are problems that other VPS of I T S A face that you've helped solve? That's one of the best ways to start a call saying hey, you know, I know that. Again, like you said, you're one of the best or top companies we've seen. Um within the space. Here are some problems typically people fall into when they're within this space, and here's how we help you as a v VP of I t. here's here's things that we've seen other people get some advice from or or get some results from. These are things that you could lead with as part of that intro. So that's one thing I wrote down here. Is like truly understanding that. Another thing as well is you did a great job following up on the email. This is a question that I would encourage everyone to write down as well in the audience, and this one has helped me schedule a ton of meetings and for the people that I've coached and trained, you know, all across the world, it's helped them too. When someone says send you an email, the chances of these of them responding to that meal is extremely low, like it's like a one percent. I don't know if anyone else in the chat agrees with me, but it's like a one percent chance if you just send an email, because I'm gonna get, as a VP OF I t, a ton of emails, a lot of them, and so one thing that you can do here is to get an understanding of what exactly do they want? So my question that I asked people is, what exactly do you want in this email? I'M gonna say that one more time for people to write this one down. What exactly do you want in this email? Because when you ask that question, then they have to give me what they want. If they can't answer that question, that means right that they're not as interested as we thought they were, and that gives you context, because you're gonna stand out amongst everyone else. So again there's a there's a couple of things that break down here. My takeaway for you, and as I've been giving you this advice, is find an intro that sparks interest immediately and come with value right in the beginning. So I would find out, Hey, for VPS, I t how do we help them? for C T O S, how do we help them for C I O s? How do we help them? Then I leave my call that way. Hey, working with the top companies in your space, here's the problem that they're looking to address, here's how they do that, and then we talked about it, right, and then we continuously move from there. And then that question that I just told you about, when people ask you to send you an email. I don't, don't ever not ask this question right, because people, people are gonna try to weezle out of it. They're gonna like, Oh yes in the email, like no, like, what exactly are you looking for? Right, and that way you can get that piece there. So I know...

I said a lot of things there. I'm gonna stop and see if you have any additional feedback, you have questions for me before we move on to the next person. Know, that's so far enough. Thank you for your comments and thank you for your advice. Is as well. Absolutely, let's let's see if it will work. Then I started golf. Yeah, yeah, exactly. mean. You ever done yet? So it's all good. So, like, these are things just to think about and it takes time, right. It takes time to get comfortable and confident in cold calling. It's probably a lot of people listening in and took them time right. It took me time right. First Call I made was terrible. So it's just understanding, like how to spark the interests, how to pace, how to ask the questions. But I would tell you, before you think about any of that stuff, go back to that intro and figure out what's an intro that, once people hear it, they want to keep talking to me. Not An intro that sounds like a marketing piece that someone's heard before and it doesn't lead to interest. So just things to think about there. Okay, awesome. All right, so we're gonna get the next person here and as we get the next person involved here, I'm gonna ask you this. Answer this question. How do you develop that interest at the start of your pitch? So I think I can. Okay, I want not gonna unpin that. So the key here is that when you're thinking about this piece here, how do you develop it? There we go. How do you develop this? You develop it by reverse engineering the personas this is the way you have to do it. You have to take a step back and be like, okay, what would get someone to be interested at all? And I like to call these pattern interrupts. What is a pattern up that you can say at the beginning of the call to switch one's mindset right? What does that look like? So one way that you could do it is, I'll give you an example. Hey, many of our customers who are VPS of an ailment found that it's very it's it's found that an obstacle that they're currently dealing with. Right now is ramp time and I want to see how are you currently addressing that? Right, that is one right mark said, a good one, I was. My next one is saying, Hey, notice a post that you had around hiring more reps, and typically when I see that, that means that they need to have more coaching and training and I help people accelerate their skill set development so that they can get more results as they hire more people. What are you doing currently to address that? Do you see what I'm doing here? I'm addressing something that is a pain point, a goal, a post, and then I'm asking a question that sparks interest and now they're going to lean in and get more understanding. So to go back to this question here, you can let me know. Does that help answer your question? Yes or no? I could dive deeper, but that's just an example of how you spark that interest. You're you're looking at something that a person is like wow, okay, that's about me, or wow, that post is about me. Right, that's what people ultimately want at the end of the day, not something generic because they're like, Oh, here we go. So, uh, Peter, use a problem similar pros are experiencing. So, yeah, that's exactly what Um, that's exactly what you want to do right. That's the case right there. All right, cool. So let's go and get the next person here. David, Hey, what's going on? Hey, uh, this is my third week watching you guys. You guys are great. Thank you, thank you, I'm glad. I'm glad we made the cut. Any anyone else in the in the comments been here more than three times? Let us know the chat. We'll love to hear that. However, we are here too to break down your calling. So the thing is I actually have all your information here, so I know exactly what you're looking to call about. I know exactly what you're looking to do. So appreciate you sitting the information over to the marketing team. Is there anything else that you wanted to add right to what you sent over in your email? But I have everything you're looking for us. I think we're good. Yeah, it's pretty simple, pretty simple. So, Um, I'm in San Diego, by the way, for those who were interested, because you want to know where I was from. But shout out to San Diego. You all got your beautiful weather. Oh it's awesome. Yeah, it's amazing. I know, I know. Okay, so ring, ring, hello. Hi, my name's David Linion and my company's talent retention plans and I noticed you're the chief HR officer for Valley Regional Hospital. Do you have a minute? Yeah, I don't have a minute. Okay, make this quick. I want to be respectful of your time, so I'll be breathing on your right to the point. Is it okay if I ask you a quick question? Yeah, sure. As you know, skilled workforce shortages are serious issue for hospitals everywhere. In your opinion, what...

...are the biggest obstacles or concerns that you have regarding skilled labor shortages? Wow, this is a prompting question. I mean, I wasn't expecting this question today. Just taking a look. I mean I think, I think across the board, it comes down to, I think, people getting paid what they're worth. I think that's probably the biggest one that we've seen across the board right now, is that, you know, we're not we're not able to get I think people across the board, even college, have talked about this. They're not able to Gild the skilled and highly talented people because the wages are off. Well, here's the there are not enough people with skills to go around. I mean there are more jobs and there are people to fill them, and skilled workforce shortages are a significant factor as to why hospitals are closing their doors and record numbers. You know, last last year, a report came out moral hospitals were at a high risk or an immediate risk of closing. That's almost half. That's devastating in those communities. But here's what they found. Their costs are too high, the revenues are too low and they don't have the skilled professionals to deliver care. I mean and turn over people coming and going, coming and going, causes all three of those issues. You know, by the way, just so that you know, I wrote a book on this topic. It's called talent retention. How to attract and retain highly skilled professionals. It's possible. So I can maybe give you a few suggestions that you know you could talk with your your your board and your your colleagues that can dramatically lower turnover costs, lower expenses and increase lost revenues. As I said, I don't want to take a big time today because it's a lot but if you like, we could schedule a zoom call and I could cheer some ideas and concepts with you. Yeah, I mean that. That sounds fair. I mean it does sound like a lot. So it does sound like a call would be good. I believe that my director, HR would be better for this conversation to start. If you if you want to email her. Uh. The director is okay, generally speaking. Well, it's in every case. You work with the most senior HR HR person that in the organization, because it's that big of a thing. So, and this will be I'll get right to the point when we do our zoom meeting, but it'll be it'll be thirty minutes well spent. Okay, I think I'm up. Its food. Okay, great, how as you count? The Look Um like a puzzle piece. I don't know. There's a lot of going on. CETERRIS. Is What happening? Pretty, pretty busy. Okay, US tomorrow or the day after. Look, feel I could do next, Tuesday. Tuesday, alright, you like morning or aftern morning's best. Okay, let's do early, like what time do you get it on Tuesdays? Like tenay, ten a M he's the center time. Okay, I'll shoot you a zoom link and I'll see you next Tuesday. Awesome. Thank you, David. Thank you. Cool. Everybody. You can give your comments in the chat. I'm gonna give you around applause. You give every better around alause here. You know what it is. So, David, all right, I got I got some feedback for you here. I'M gonna start off with the positives. You're you're really good at pacing. I don't know if you'll paid attention to David's pacing. His someone said in the chat the emphasis, the pauses and did a really good job of talking as if she's had this conversation before, which what you have, but but talking as you've had this conversation a lot, which shows that in this conversation he is the object matter expert. He is someone that I need to be talking to because he cleared some insights and I really love the way that you phrased. Hey, I'm gonna give you a couple of suggestions. Right. So it wasn't him like selling me on something. I mean he was selling the meeting, but he wasn't like selling me on something. He was like, Hey, I got a couple of suggestions for you want to hop on a thirty minute zoom call and that that took the pressure off of me to want to hop on that call across the board. So I'm pointing out some things that were very, very key that you all can walk away whether you're a business owner, an str and, a e or you're about to go into sales. The things that he did here are just fundamentals that can carry you moving forward in all of your serious career. So I really like the pace and tone. I love the inflections and the pauses. I love the way that you told those stories and mapped it back to your own experience and the way that you close. It's really good. Now let's talk about suggestions, and I saw someone put this in the chat. You can, I believe that you can, urged those two introductions that you did.

So you said do you have a minute and then you said I asked a quick question. I think you could have just merged and just said do you have a do you have a minute for me to ask a quick question? Okay, and then you could have just you could have just gone right into it. And that's a small detail, but yeah, because in the Intro, like your intro, is strong and you deliver it very well. I don't think you need the other piece of asking a quick question. I think you could just merge it together and then get right into your question, because your question was really good. Right. I was like, well, okay, I gotta think about this. Right and remember when I talked about getting interests. Is Not to you, David, so everyone else remember when we talked about the interest piece. David just shows you how to do that. So there was the demo of exactly how to do that. He asked the question. That led into me opening up because he asked a question about something that I care about. Not to say I'm not a chief HR person, but I like how we spin that. And then he got me back into that conversation. So that was one, and then two. I mentioned this last time. This is an extremely small detail. The email, David. He said let's set up a zoom, but you didn't clarify the email. Oh so we don't we don't know. We don't know where this invite is going. Actually, if I'm calling you, you probably do have the email, but I always tell people listen, you know, you never know, right. You always want to clarify that, but that was like my last thing and you did a great jobs the board. Yea, absolutely cheers. It's always it's always gonna double check everybody. I have to data tools at the company that I'm at right now and I always double check because you never know. You never know. You use cognism. That's what you should be using it for and you should do that. But always double check, because I've had a scenario where, like, I didn't double check invite. They change their email dress like a week before to something different and I ended up missing that across the board right. So that's the key. All right. So let's see. I don't see if there's any questions in here people want to throw in here. If you want to throw in some questions, you can put them in the text q and a if you want to, and I will answer those. We have had some really good calls people standing up here so far, but I don't see any. I'm just trying to see if I miss anything. I think we had something around gatekeepers. I'll quickly address that. So when it comes to gatekeepers, and I have a whole I have a video on this and I've talked about it a lot and some of you probably have heard this before. The best way to talk to a gatekeeper is you have to see them as an ally. You have to see them as an ally, and when you see them as an ally, that's how you're able to get them to convert. So one thing that I'll do is just say, can you help me? Now again, I want I want show to and this might be different each region too, by the way, so I'm gonna have different answers for it. But how I approach you to just say can you help me? And the thing is the reason that that works is is a psychological breakdown. So what I'm doing here is when you ask someone hey, like, can you help me, they're more inclined to help you. People love to help, they want to assist, like people inherently want to do good. So because when you ask people for help, that in return opens them up to wanting to have the conversation with you. So now they're like, Oh yeah, like that's great, like can you help right? That's going to allow you to then get what you want in return. And asking for that person now, Peter. Yes, I will use the gatekeeper's name only if I get it right. Sometimes you don't get it, sometimes you just answer to say hello, this is the company, right, and so I don't get the context. So then I just go into can you help me without the name, because I don't need like. I'm not gonna ask an addition like hey, what's your name and the Nas can you help me? I just go into can you help me. If I get the name, then I will use hey, sally, can you help me? And you have to say it in the right way. You don't want to mess up the tone here. You're gonna say can you help me, right, and then that way it opens it up right and then put you up for so that's the answer that question. there. I see some other questions, but Sam, you asked that at the beginning. You you ask it as soon as they pick up the phone. So as soon as they pick up the phone, you say can you help me? That's it, and they'll say like Oh, yeah, yeah, how can I help? And then you say, Hey, I'm looking to connect with Roger, please. Can you please connect me with Roger? Right, I do the double please, and then that allows you to to typically get in front of the person you're looking get in front of. Now, that's not always gonna happen. I want to. I want to preface that. I'm not saying this is a silver bullet. You're always gonna get in front of this person. You're just gonna have a better chance doing what I said the other things. So hope that's however, some people Peter, if they answer to your question, you can let me know as well. All right, my favorite and best pattern up. So I'm gonna Answer this question that we're gonna let the next person in. So get yourself prepared. WHO's next here? Rafael? I think Rafael, you're next. To get yourself prepared. All right. So here's the thing. My favorite it pattern interrupt.

It's something that some of you may not like. I'm just gonna be very transparent. Some of you are may not like my pattern errupt because it may not fit in your style, your region, your language. You might not like it. I'm just being very transparent with this. However, in me training all these different companies and having all the different coaching sessions I've done, I found this to be the one that people point back to and say, like this is the one, this is the one that's helped me increase my conversion rate, this is the one that helped me become more confident the phone. This is the one that got me to be more personalble. So I'm just letting you know what I've seen from my own experience and from my own clients. However, I always preface it saying, Hey, look like this might not be the one you like. Okay, so this is how I go about my introduction. I will give you an acronym, I'll tell you why it's successful, then we'll get onto the next person. For what you are here for is to get some reviews on some colde calls. So let's say I'm calling sally. We'll just to see you, Sally. So I go hi, Sally, thanks for taking my call. Hey, look, I know I'm catching up the blue here. However, do you have a few moments the chat? Now let's talk about why this works. Okay, there's a whole reason why this works, and I've done every cold call intry you can think about. I've done all of them and this was the one that I found that really hit home. And what it's called is the P L A. So, if you want to write this down, stands for pleasant laughing arms up, pleasant laughing arms up, pleasant laughing arms up. Why? So first part is hi, Sally, thanks for taking my call. Why do I do that? So you talked about what my favorite potterer up is. How many people like, let's just see in the chat. Let's just see in the chat, how many of you all have ever gotten thanked for picking up the phone, yes or no? How many if you ever gotten thanks for picking up the phone? First thing, someone says, Hey, sally, Carla, right, Sam, thanks for taking my call. Curious, yes or no? In the chat, typically to get ahead of the answer. That doesn't happen. So the thing is I'm automatically interrupting your pattern because you're like wait, I'm gonna thank for taking for taking the call, like, what's going on? Your brain isn't used to this, right. So when our brain isn't used to something or we haven't seen something before, we pay more attention to it. Right. So I go thanks for taking my call, and I also didn't mention my name yet because my name isn't as relevant yet. Now, if someone were to tell me that you're, I don't know, the rock or Liam Neeson or something like, unless you're one of those people, it's like your name isn't that relevant at this point. What's relevant is them. So I mentioned their name first. That's the reason that that works. So that's the pleasant right. I interim and pleasantries. The second part is the laugh. So I say, you know, I know I'm calling out the blue here. Now the thing is what I like to do is acknowledge this scenario. Hey, I'm calling you on the blue here, like, I'm laughing, because you can see as a as a crazy situation. So I'm laughing with you and creating levity. Now, the key with this is that someone said acting lessons. Yes, you need to practice this laugh, because you don't want to mess up. Right, you don't want to like sound I don't know, Phi'll watch basketball, but you don't want to sound like Kawhi Lenar. Right, you don't like calling up the blue, right, you don't want to sound like Goofy, right from goof troop. You don't want to sound crazy, like the jokers say, call you like. You don't want to do that. All right, you want this to sound natural, like you. How, how you actually laugh? So this is like my laugh. Say, Hey, you know, I'm calling out the blue here, right, I'm creating levity with the scenario. I'm allowing myself to make sure that I'm good here, right, and that I'm not all over the place, right. That is the key, right. And so, Carlo, that's exactly what I want them to do. I want them to be like, who is this, because I'm going to answer that right here. So that's the last so then the last part is arms up. So I do this too effectively. When you do your arms up, everything is about body language. So I mampe myself on assuming right. I make myself like very, like, not aggressive. So I say, however, do you have a few moments to chat? Why do I pick moments? This is my favorite part. A lot of people will say, do you have thirty seconds or do you have a couple of minutes? I perfect. I don't like those because it pigeon holes you to one thing. If I say do you have a few moments to chat, yeah, uh, yeah, that can mean literally anything. That can mean five minutes, ten minutes, two seconds, you are going to decide, as the prospect where you want to go with this, because I'm gonna I'm catering towards you at this beginning, right, I wanted to figure out where you want to go. So if I say however, do you have a few moments to chat? That can mean anything, and they say yes, great, we could talk for can continue like we could talk forever,...

...right, because you didn't clarify how much time. So you can't tell me to hurry up because I didn't say second side to say minutes. I can go wherever I want. That's why I say moments and not minutes or seconds. And then also as well, Carlo, the idea here is you want them to say who is this, because now it allows me to get into what I want and what we call that as an acceptance barrier. So I want you'll write this down. Acceptance Barrier. Essentially, what this means is that once someone agrees and accepts to or answers the question, they now have opened the drawbridge or open the gate or the door for you to talk to them the beginning of a call. It's a stranger. They're like this is weird. Defense is up. But if I in that intro and say do you have a few moments to chat, and you say who is this, you've now agreed that you're willing to hear me out right. So now I can say hey, my name is Morgan Ingram, from cognism. The reason for my call is right and I can go into it right if we were using that as an example, and that typically is how that intro goes. So you can all let me know if you like that one. You didn't like get right right, you can let me know. But that is my favorite pattern. rupt again, I've trained that pretty frequently. A lot of people tell me that it helps them and it's helped them schedule more meetings. So I continuously talk about it because I've seen people using the work right. Otherwise I want to really speak to it. So that is my favorite pattern up again, hopefully answer the question. You all to let me know the chat. Like it, love it not, don't want to use it, it doesn't matter to me. But I really wanted to just share that with you because that one breaks the ice pretty quickly and get you right into it. And again it allows for a little bit of ambiguity so then they can open up and have the conversation. So there's that. All right. So who's next? Who Do we have next year? I know we have a couple of people here in the wings. What is going on? Can you hear men? So I wasn't popping up. I can hear you, I can hear you. All right. Yeah, awesome, awesome. So, Talk Mandalorian poster, but it is, it is, it is. It is good call out. It is a mandalorianposter. I just so we're gonna get out a little bit, but I just got this, the BUBBA fet bubble head. UH, so I'm, you know, I'm, I'm all star wars out even. All right. So I have like a Dar vader pen holder. There's no pin on it right now, but it's a pen holder too. So you know, we got, we got all this stuff over here. But talk to us, Rodell, talk to us. What are your personas? and Um, so typically I'm in when I'm just like talking to someone normally outside of work, I talk very fast, I think, and I get quite essentially overly chatting. Okay, so that potentially does come through when I'm doing the pitch. So it's like a really noticeable efforts I need to do to be able to bring it down a touch. And so that's always been the sort of the main thing I need to try and focus on, I think when I'm doing the pictures, because my mind tends to be working quite quickly. Yeah, do it. Occasionally, when I get an objection thrown at me, I do freeze a little. Um. Also, I'm not. I'm not. I haven't even doing, you know, this sort of sales for since it started the air real least. I'm still relatively new to it, I guess. Um. So still learning the ropes for some sections, which why I thought something like this could be yeah, no, that makes sense, and everyone says that they're loving your top. It's a nice shirt. It's a nice shirt on the town ahead of me and I thought I might as well get really out, like I love it. I love it right right into the town. So that makes sense. I will be able to give you some insights on that, do you I think it'd be hopeful if you ran through a call and I could probably give you even more insights on it, because I I actually have faced the same thing, and some of you may think I talked fast now, but before it was even worse. No one understood me. So, who are your personas? Who you're calling? Let's do a mark and then I'll give you some advice. So I work for a company who specializes in, I t managed services. So we reach out to companies to offer to assist them in the roll out of projects around cloud migrations, um renting space and data centers, stuff like that. Really like the cloud, networking and cybersecurity. The big ones and the personas I'm calling are I t managers, C T O s, occasionally ce io. Is that sort of sphere? Okay, so let's do obvious. You said CEO. Yeah, see, I work. Okay, cool, let's go to C I o and then, yeah, just run me through how you typically go through your intro value prob...

I immediately on the fast things. I have some tips that would be compellable for some other people as well. But yeah, give me a ring and then let's get into it. Alright. So, ring, ring, ring, ring. Hello, hi, it's Rafael. Raphael Start Calling from digital space. Is that Morgan I'm speaking to? That is hi, Morgan. I'm speaking to one of your colleagues a couple of months ago and I was referred to you around this time. What digital space do is provide I t managed services to organizations just like yours, and I understand that you hold the position of C I O. is that correct? That is correct, perfect. So what the reason for the call is? We've been working with a number of different organizations within your industry helping them to migrate to the cloud, refresh their network infrastructure and implement security solutions, and I was reaching out to understand what you guys are doing or have plans with regards to, I t projects in the next three to six months. Yeah, I mean that's a that's a long conversation and stuff, and we we have a we have a lot of plans where I feel m understand that completely. Well, what I like to do in conversations like this we can break it down a bit easy if you like. So for networking first, networking first, what is your network strategy looking like? Yeah, I mean, look, I would say like from a networking perspective, you know, we're looking just to double down and on our infrastructure. I think there's a lot of things that we're, you know, looking at right now in terms of like vendors, potentially to increase that. I think that we've had some gaps across the board. So I definitely would just say that. Excuse me, sorry, that makes perfect sense. Now you mentioned, of course, you're looking to double down your current I see, I see supplier. Are they meeting all of the needs and requirements that you have? No, okay, and what are the particular needs that you feel should be mets? That's a greater a fact. Yeah, so I would say, like you know, without diving too much into this, I think my probably vp of I t could probably give you some better insight here, but I just think that our infrastructure isn't as tight as it needs to be. I think there's a couple of things that you know, we're we're having that are like going too slow and that are lagging in terms of our infrastructure, and that's been something we're looking to solve. Understand that completely. Okay. Well, what digital space can offer as a part of this is a twenty to thirty minutes sit down with a specialists from inside our organization to really hash out what is exactly it is that that you want doing in the time frame and budgets which you desire. Would that be something you'd be interested in potentially? Okay, sure. Well, if you like, what I can do? I can send you over a couple of links to some case studies with with information on Organization we works with that's our relevant to your sector, and if you like, we can arrange a call for Tuesday morning at ten o'clock, where we can, we can go over what you thought at them and see if you would like to booking a meeting then if you like. How does that sound to you? You know what? What are these links? Again? I get a lot of links, man. I just want to make sure that I'm looking at the red stuff absolutely well. I can send you over an email now while we're on the phone, so you can just let me know if it pops up with with my name there in big letters, and it will just be a link to our page on our websites with all of the case studies which would be relevant to you, so the list of all the organization we've worked with and what exactly it is we've done for them. Okay, so I can send that over to you now. Just let me know when it comes through and from that I'll let you sit down and have a read of them and we can arrange a call for Tuesday at ten to see what your thoughts were. Yeah, I just I just saw the email. Perfect, we actually that was that's publct. I was just about to ask if you could just confirm the email to make around the right ball, but brilliant. All right, what I can do then, Morgan, I'll send you over a counter invite just so we both remember to have that call on Tuesday. We'll get up your thoughts and if you if you like the look of it. We can never enjoy proper, in depth conversation with one of our specialists. Sounds goodfect well. Thank you very much. It's time, Morgan. All Right, chess, have a good day. We're going right. All right, cool, let's give Ralph Y'all some love here. I'll give you a round applause, as I always do. So good job, good job, good job. All right. So let's tackle it to a couple of things. I think a couple of people mentioned a couple of things in the chat. If you all want to go into what your feedback is, you know we're we're open to hearing that. I want to talk about a couple of things. I don't know if we lost Rafael here. We wanted to see if we get some feedback. We lost in here. But the thing is is that, like a lot of people said it, the confidence was there and I felt the confidence. Now, as you all know, I'm not I have never been a see I oh over my life. So I can't really dive into those...

...pain points. I wish I could, but I can't. I think we would have been able to hear he's back. I think we would have been able to dive into this a little bit more. I think if we would, you're good. I think we could have duvened this a little bit more if I actually knew what a ce Io did, because you were asking really good questions. So I probably would have been able to like answer those if I had the experience, and then we would have done better. But we did what we had to do there and I think you did a good job of asking those pain obstacle related questions right. You were willing to dig deep. I think that was great. A lot of people mentioned it. You did a great job on transitioning. You didn't just let me get away. You said, I'm gonna send you an email, but I'm Gonta send a fall call, and I was like okay, right, like, okay, I see you, right, that's good, right. I see what's going I see what we're trying to do there. So I think that was an amazing job that you did and I'm trying to see what else I had here. I think you also did a great job of going into the reason for the call and you you had a great reason on what that is. So I think that was key there. I don't I don't know about y'all. I don't think it was incredibly fast. You made it seem like you were like speed racer over here, but it wasn't. It wasn't that. It was like, oh my gosh, over overwhelmingly fast. I think you did a good job of really controlling the conversation. So here are things to consider. So one thing that see, yeah, one thing that I would have you do. You did a good job of getting the meeting, but there's a there's a thing that you could have asked too. So when I said potentially, you could have followed up and said, like what potentially about this do you like and what are things that you think I'm missing? I think that would have been a great question right there to then clarify why I'm saying potentially. Why am I not saying yes, but why am I also saying not saying no? Potentially, or maybe is or something that you want to be able to distinguish very quickly within sales, and I think everyone here can agree. So if you hear them maybe or potentially. It's like, okay, what maybe potentially? And then what? What is concerning you? Right, because if you're saying potentially there's a concern, why? What's going on? Can we identify that? Following up with that question really key there. So I wanted to add that. I think also as well. You don't need to clarify title. I don't know if anyone else does this, but clarifying title doesn't does nothing for you. It doesn't do anything for you at all when you're on a call. I want you all to think about every single sentence and question you ask is leading getting a close on the meeting. Clarifying my title doesn't inherently do that. You're either that title you're not. You're gonna tell me you're not and then we're gonna move forward. But linkedin and cognizant all these data tools right, I think across the really help. Right, you get into the right direction. So I would just say the title question, I would keep that out. Get to your reasons for the call faster. Right, you can get to where you need to go. So that's what I would say there. You did the subject line. You into the call. Well, I also want to call out that you did a good job on, like when I said, Um, I was like, yea, I don't really know, and you went into like the buckets of like how you will help. I think that was a great job and hopefully pick the people pick that up. The last thing that I'll say is when you're talking fast on a cold call. Now, if you already listened to my cold calls, I actually don't talk that fast. I talked like way slower than I am right now and I paced and I pause a lot. So there's two things that I did to slow down my talk track when I was making calls. One is I would pause a lot, and I would encourage you to this as well. Like when I would finish talking, I would my point was done and I would let them talk. When they finished talking, I would wait like one second, like one point five seconds before I answered whatever they had to allow myself a process what's going on and allow myself to really get into that moment. I found out that when I answered things too quickly, I talk way too fast and it's not helpful. So I don't I got I got away from that. The second thing is this is just like something that you could do but I don't have it. I don't have it near me. I used to have them at my desk, but I have like these like stress balls or whatever. So as I'm on calls, like I will just like do this and then it reminded me to slow down and not talk as fast and then really be in a good pace and flow point where I don't necessarily need them anymore. But when I used to talk on the phone, I would have that ball and just like squeeze it as I was talking fast as a reminder to slow down, because I was just saying a lot of things that people could comprehend. Right, and you want to be chatty because that's like part of your personality, but it's also just understanding. You can ramp up to that, but you don't want to start off that hot. You want to start easing into it over time. So that's my advice there. Obviously I'll open up to your feedback...

...and your questions you have based on what I said, but that's the way that I would see it. M I mean, yeah, that makes perfect sense everything you've said that I mean it's not used currently in place of the Yes, give it a spin, you know, but yeah, it's not as easy to score. The guest is yeah, exactly, exactly. But yeah, something right, something there right that you can that you can do. And Uh, yes, Deepak, yes, I've mentioned that and other webinars before. Right, just like softball, whatever it is like, it allows you to help. Like right now I have this marker, I'm taking notes, but it's still helpful, like having something. If you talk fast, having something else going on that you can touch or feel will slow down that talk track for all my fast talkers out there. Hopefully that's helpful. Absolutely. Yeah, thank you very much. Awesome. Where I fail. Thank you, and you're gonna be our last guests because we won't be about twelve minute left and we will have time for another person. So Ashley said it in the chat. If you want to have an opportunity to do this again, put it in the chat. We're going to be continued to be doing these. So this isn't going away. It's not gonna go away. We don't have time to do it another one or that I would, but we don't have the time too. So if you want to do this again, please go ahead. Email Ashley and let us know. You'll definitely be the first, one of the first people to go the next time. Again, we want to be timely, we want to be efficient here. I know that people have calls after this, so I don't want it to go along here. We want to make sure that we can do what we need to do here. So people have some questions. I saw like multiple questions come through, but if you could put your question again in the okay, well, cool, we have one up here. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to put them in the chat and we will answer them. And I know what we did. A lot of variations of cold calling and mocks and things that nature. I'm curious for you all. In the odd it's all who. We got a hundred and I think a hundred and twenty people listening in here. Appreciate you staying on to this point. Let me know, because the feedback is helpful. We want to make sure that this is impactful for you and this is valuable for your time in the chat. If you all could please, if you have found this to be helpful, put helpful in the chat. If you have found this to be helpful, put helpful in the chat, because I just want to make sure that this time is useful for you, right. I don't want you to like more than this was mark. This is not for me. But if it is like we want to know because we want to continuously do this and and bring in New People and elevate this content. So we need to get your feedback to see evens heelful. I'm seeing it flow through. It looks like it is massively helpful for people and and I really, I really love this. I really love this. So No, this feedback is extremely helpful for me and also for the cognism marketing team, because we're here to help you through this cold calling journey. Like I wish I could put up my old cold calls from from when I started. I was really bad. Yeah, I was bad, like terrible. First Call I had someone told me that I should never, never, cold call again. So imagine your first coal call when someone picks up, you do your pitch and they're like, yeah, you probably shouldn't do this job anymore. We're really early. A confidence moves for me. So for those of you who come up here, we appreciate it. It's not easy, but we do appreciate you and if you want continuous help, feel free to hit me up, but it looks like everyone is finding this to be helpful, which I love. So now, with the time we have left, AH, here we go. So, Zoe, Zoezo, I don't how you say your name. Yes, I have called them back. I have called them back. The thing is, they don't. They don't remember you. Most people forget you at their five seconds half of the call. That's a that's an additional tip for you. Most people don't remember you. So I did call them back. It was a better call. I end up getting the meeting because I was like, I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna. That's not gonna end. Well, I'm not gonna let that happen. So, yeah, we end up calling them back, like, I think, like five months after, after I got better, and I end up schedulingment. Meeting end up going well, so it's pretty cool. So let's answer this question. How do you call? How do you do cold calling for a B two be appointment setting. I need I need like for you set up your a lead. I just need contexts. Are you like a lead generation company, like a Llegion, like a like an out like an outsource? Let's just say that's what it is. Because we have another questions to answer here. Okay, cool. So here's the thing. I want you all to understand this very this is very important. There is no perfect pitch. I know, maybe I'll see the movie pitch perfect, but that's not what we're talking about right. I'm not talking about pitch perfect. There is no perfect pitch. So I want you all to get that out of your head. If you think there's a perfect pitch, if you want to go find that. It's not. It's not gonna happen. Like I've trained over hundreds and thousands of Reps. I've made more cold calls than I can count. There is no perfect pitch. It doesn't exist. Otherwise someone would have figured it out and this would... easier. So what I will tell you is don't think about what the most perfect pitches. Think about what is the most helpful and impactful pitch that I can have for my customers, what is going to Pique their interest the most. This is going back to what we talked about. So I don't know the exact of your business. Now that I understand what it is you have to figure out. There's a lot of outsolcing companies. What about your company? Is Unique and how are you going to intrigue someone to take that meeting? There's a lot of these companies, a lot of them. What makes you unique, what makes anyone unique, is their customers and what results they get for their customers. So it's not that all of that. It's not pitch perfect, it's pitch. Perker is a good movie, by the way. I'm not eating pittser. It's a good movie. But I'm not talking about the perfect pitch. I'm talking about what is the pitch that's the most impactful and valuable for your customers, and that is the results that you bring to your customers. So I want you to take this and ask yourself, what results have we gotten for our customers and how can I create that into an a packful pitch? That is how you do cold calling for outsourcing, B two B and that's how you're gonna be able to scale this. So hopefully that's helpful. Maybe it's not the answer you're looking for, but it is the answer that you should be striving towards. So there's my there's that cool. I think we have a couple more questions that came into here. I think marketing is gonna put them up here. Amazing. So how to start a call if you're a startup and don't have examples of clients you served and solve their problems? We're a consulting and digital marketing firm. Okay, this is a great question. Is anyone else dealing with this? Anybody else starting something out and they don't have examples from different clients that they can that they can speak to? This is actually a really good question. So if you don't have results, how do you present it? So you're doing two things here. So, and the reason I know this is because when I was an str I was the twentieth employee and I was the fourth. Yeah, it was the fourth str and we we had clients, but we weren't like we didn't have all the use cases in the world. So we had to sell a vision and then we had to sell the services and we had to find that client right that we needed to speak to right to get to get a client in the first place. So the thing is is that you're gonna be doing a lot of volume to test to see what works and what doesn't if you don't have those clients testimonials yet. SIDEBAR. I had to go find someone that maybe you could do a quick service for, maybe like a three month spin around. I know you don't probably want to do this, but a three months spent around get a client testimonial. So you have something. But let's say of nothing, right, let's just go nothing. You all you're gonna do is just speak to what you know, regardless of the client results that you have. You know what they're looking to solve. You know, you know what the vision of what you're looking to solve. So what you're doing is selling vision. Hey, we know. Let's just say, for example, we know right and right now on the market, because I did a little bit of digital marketing, so this is like an example. We know in the market right now that less than one percent of leads turn into revenue. How are you currently addressing to make sure your leads turn into revenue? Okay, that's a good question. So then it's like hey, as of right now, like we're we're just getting into this digital marketing space, but what we found is this is a massive issue. Here's what we're doing to solve that you're talking about. Here's what we're doing to solve it. We don't have the clients yet, but this is what we're looking to do right, because your goal is you want to paint a vision to where they're like that is a problem that I that I'm currently facing today, and you sell the vision well enough that they're like, I want to attach myself to that brand because they're looking to solve that mission. So, once you think about that, it's you're selling vision, then you're selling service, where in some cases it's I'm selling the service because I have the clients already. So here it is you're selling vision and you're selling service. So it's two different types of cells. And and I've trained and coach a couple of companies on this and they had to get into vision selling and then you have to get into service selling. So, Lisa, for you it's what is the vision that you have with the Consulting and digital marketing firm? From my understanding there's a lot of consulting and digital marketing firms. What's making you different from all these other people out here? You have to sell vision on the call. Then, once you get them to agreed a vision, then you can do the service. Sell a person who just did that, I think earlier. Right is I think Dave David came up here and he did that right. He stole the vision of like, Hey, this is like he asked questions around certain things, but then he sold the vision of here's some suggestions I have. Here's the service on the book. Right. So, Lisa, great, talk about what that unique model is and you're gonna sell the vision of that unique model to whoever you're calling right now.

If this is a discovery call, it's different than a cold call. But you have to think about that. Right. So, sell that vision. People buy into the Vision, then you're selling on the service. Hey, well, you believe in that vision. We actually have an answer to that. Here's the answer. So I'll say it one more time. Vision selling than service selling. Some of you might not be in that bucket. You might just be on service selling with your clients already. Amazing, but we're going vision selling, service selling. All right. So, but everyone understands that, for at least for you, Lisa, and everyone else that said. Yes, what's your vision of Your Company? Your clients? But you have a vision. You created the company, the firm. Why? Here's our vision. Wow, okay, that vision makes sense to us. Great, then now you have to do service selling harder. On a cold call. I'm not saying it's easy. It's harder, but you have to think about how do we sell vision? How do we sell service? How do you sell vision? How do you still service? Right, that's what you're doing there. So at least a hopefully that's helpful. I can dive a little bit deeper. We have two minutes left, but that's how you need to think about it. I'll wait to see if you have feedback. All right, so as we wait for Lisa to answer here, I just want you all to think about that. Cool. So I just want you all to think about that right. Think about vision selling, think about service selling. If you don't have clients yet, figure out how that unique model is gonna work on how your cold calling. Are doing a call. You gotta Sell Vision First, otherwise they're not gonna they're not gonna buy it. Once you get clients, you don't have to do that anymore as much. You can still do it, but don't do it as much because you have right. You have the pieces. So you know, someone has a quick fire question. We've got two minutes. So someone has something that's like quick, you can ask. Otherwise we're about to get out of here. So, you know, shout out to Kim. Appreciate it. Glad you enjoyed the session. Shout out to coma hold. Let say that right. Thank you for that, everyone who said helpful. Amazing, right, I really really do. I really do appreciate y'all. Glad everyone enjoyed this session. I enjoy hanging out with you all as well. And and and here's the thing, y'all, as as we do these like, give us feedback, like, even if it's like I don't like Morgan's hat, like I don't think anyone's gonna say that. But the thing is, like, if you like, genuinely, if you have feedback on how to improve this. My whole thing is how to make these interactive and helping for you all and partnership with Cognism, you know, diving more into these cold calls. We could continuously elevate it too. So just let us know. But I enjoyed hanging out with you all today. If you are a continuous guest, show some love. Posted this on social you know, screenshot and said Hey, this is what I learned today. UH, definitely able to do that, Michael. Great Question. Marketing team. I don't know when the next one will be. They will let you know. We'll figure that out and let you know we have some conversations around that. But yeah, shout us out on social right, shout out, shout outs on social tell us you wentto the cognismt woman art. Tell us what you learned this week. Right, and we're willing to dive into it. So people are asking how to that's that's those are marketing questions. I know we're ending now. Ashley, I don't know if you want to drop that in there before we do hop off, if you want to add in on what that is, on what the next session is. How do you find about more sessions? Ashley is gonna drop that information in here, but otherwise, y'all were at the hour and I respect people's time. If you have any more questions, make sure right you reach out to Ashley here. She's got the information. I'll keep this up for a minute. Go check out this information. We're gonna be doing more of these. If you want weekly, give that feedback to actually, if enough people say weekly, like we might, we could do it. But it's you, it's y'all. It's up to y'all. So again, I appreciate rocking with you all. I hope you have it a blessed day. Some of you are already going out. Raphael's head into the town. I wish. I'm about to eat lunch, so he's head into the town. So y'all, have a good one and have a blessed one.

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